We Serve Sheet Metal Fabrication, Bending, Stamping, Laser Cutting Over 10 Years
1000+ Bike Racks Cases

Bike Racks We Produced

Why Choose Us

1, Experience:

1000+ cases, we can totally understand your design and what you need, and also we can provide professional manufacturing advise on your deisgn to make it perfect.

2, One-stop solution:

We can provide one-stop solution service for your racks designs, not only racks fabrication, but also accesorries, like bolts, nuts, toggles, cords, etc.

3, Samples first:

For some possible racks, we can make samples first, and send you pictures of them, then you will decide whether to pay for the samples or not, since we belive that samples can answer many questions.

4, Competitive Price:

We have strong control on supply chain and production cost, and we belive this is not huge profits products, so we can provide competitive price, you can always to get satisfied price from us.